What people say...

"That Space is unique amongst shared office environments in that there is a diverse mix of small businesses and the people working varies each day. This makes it a great place to work, as there is always interesting discussions and chance meetings to engage and network. The location in the heart of Norwood is great."

ANTONY CERAVOLO, CEO and Founder - Sine
"That Space is a fantastic open plan and friendly space to run your business and get out of the house. Sonja and the team are a pleasure to work with and are accommodating on all aspects of our requirements. The mix of companies is excellent and That Space has helped Sine grow from one person to a team of 5 full time without fuss. Highly recommended. "

JOSH GARRATT, Marketing Manager - Cromwell
"Coworking is an exceptional way to work and this studio exalts the virtues. It has a true sense of community and a diverse range of talented people to bounce ideas off. Being surrounded by self starters is far better than working solo from home (or café hopping). Serendipity happens here. The city-fringe location also works really well for me. I only go into the city when I need to and Norwood has every shop, bank, gym and café I need."

"I am recommending That Space to everyone with a small business who wants a great, social atmosphere with other like minded people to work with.
I definitely can't emphasise enough the value of working amongst skilled people from a variety of industries for bouncing ideas off, working collaboratively and staying sane!
If you don't need a CBD location, this is pretty much your only co working option in Adelaide!"

NIKKI CARTER, enova digital
"The open plan and light feel, the people and collaboration aspect to the place is what makes me feel at home.
I have found true friends at work, for really the first time. We all help each other out through our own knowledge, experiences, differing opinions or perspectives.
There is also a real social aspect...You need to have time out from work, a laugh to get your mind off that looming deadline, or a vent about the client that is just making you crazy."

RICK CARTER, See Global Media
"Over my 40 year journey in business I have worked in many and varied office situations…but none better than That Space. From the open plan space at Chrysler as a young programmer to my own private office at Corporate HQ at Dun and Bradstreet and then as Marketing Director of Neller Software, I have always believed in open plan and collaborative spaces to foster productivity.
When I first read of co working I was working from home and thought that's for me but it's probably full of young geeks that would not want an old fossil invading their space. But given That Space was 1 km from home, next to my favourite coffee shop in Norwood, above my Bank and adjacent to lots of parking, I thought I should check it out when I saw their ad on Facebook. 
Suffice to say Nikki, my business partner and daughter, and I moved in within days of having a look more than a year ago and have been there ever since.
We have collaborated with people working here on business projects, made friends and had a variety of people to bounce some of our crazy ideas off.
It's that great mix of backgrounds, ages and interests that has developed a very invigorating atmosphere and surrounded by people that are at various stages of success in their business life…you just want to be part of it.
And of course there are the lunches, after work drinks etc that are hard to arrange when you work from home or in a very small office.
Our company has interests and partners in Melbourne, Singapore, KL and Beijing so suffice to say we hope That Space develops sister sites around the world soon."